What is Recycling – Impact and Importance of Recycling


What is Recycling? Impact and Importance of Recycling


Have you been wondering “what is recycling?” Well, I will attempt to answer that and many more questions in this article. Recycling can be done in a lot of different forms. When we talk about small-scale recycling, it is basic and simple. Whenever you find a new purpose for something old, you are recycling it. For instance, turning cereal boxes into magazine holders is a form of small-scale recycling. However, recycling has a much wider scope. It becomes complex when we talk about large-scale recycling.


recycling-for-treesAt a large-scale, consumer goods are recycled into raw materials, which are further turned into new consumer goods. Some examples of large-scale materials include office, paper, aluminium cans, steel from buildings and plastic. These materials are recycled in large quantities. In fact, many municipal programs are involved with mass collection of such materials.
Usually, a recycled product takes a different form from the original material. For instance, when we recycle paper, the new product contains ink residue. It also has shorter fibres than paper made from wood pulp. Due to this reason, recycling is not used in some industries. In this case, paper used in phosphatase or copy machines is not recycled.

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